Connecting You
With Your Voters

Benefits of Mass SMS 

97% Read Through Rate
Improve your Name Recognition in your Riding
Fast Polling Results
Cost Effective

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcast your Personalized Election Message to your Voters
Voice Drop your Message on Voter's Answering Machines
Access Voters in
Remote Areas & Communities
Ideal for Campaigning in
Harsh Weather

Benefits of Touch Tone Polling

Automated Cost Effective Polling
Help Determine your
Voters Preferences and
Key Election Issues
Live Agent Polling Available
Fast Polling Results

Benefits of Political Surveys

Improve your Name Recognition
in Your Riding
Demonstrate a Desire to Communicate & Engage
with your Voters
Identify your
Voters Preferences & Views
Report your Findings in your Riding Newsletter
Voice Broadcast


2.5 cents per call, Minimum of $200

Touch Tone Polling

$.035 +

Minimum 3.5 cents per call, Minimum of $200

Bulk SMS

$.01 - $.03

$.01 - $.03 cents per SMS, Minimum of $50

Data (Home and Cell) 

$.01 to $.10

Per Lead. Contact Us for more information. 

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